Spa Therapies

  • Red light Therapy $20.00 Increase collagen production, lift & moisture skin, treats eczema, psoriasis, sun damage, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, anxiety, depression, SAD and much more...

  • Far Infrared Sauna  $20.00 Detox, increase circulation, relax, ease muscle discomfort, also proven for weight loss. 30 mins equals 2-3 miles of running and 400-600 calories burned.

  • PEMF/ increase your circulation with exact technology NASA uses  $25.00

    Increase your microcirculation which makes up 74% of your entire circulation. Circulation is everything!!! Bring in more nutrients and oxygen and release toxins.

  • Lymphatic Therapy Machine. $30.00 Detox, slim down, reduce edema.



  • Bioscan Screening/ Electrodermal Screening  $150.00 Comprehensive screening of 14 organ systems using the latest technology available. We use 58 biomeridian points to measure and scale how well the organ system can hold a 2.4 volt. This is called an Impedane test. Our equipment then graphs your readings allowing us to see what systems are in balance, inflamed, or stressed. Also, it gives you the readings of my accuracy testing each individual biomeridian point. It will not accept anything out of the parameters making it highly accurate. After testing, we see 4 separate graphs showing us what we need to focus on first. Also from our virtual library of nutritional/homeopathic treatments, suggests which particular products will best work for you as an individual. Truly amazing!! Quantum Physics at work. We will schedule your post-test 30 days later with you implementing your suggested supplements/homeopathy and retest charting base readings and post readings side by side to show your improvements. Call to schedule now!

  • Standard Process MediHerb products

  • Des Bio Homeopathy

  • Dr. Mercola Fermented Nutrition Supplements

  • Plant Therapy Essential Oils

  • Medical Oils, Healing Oils